Weekend to Remember

New Life Church is partnering with Family Life’s Marriage Retreat this year. If you are interested in a three-day Marriage Retreat hosted at the Broadmoor, you can register with the $100 off discount code: NLCMarriageMinistry

Together Night

Join for a date night with intentionality towards growth with the Lord and your spouse. Marriage is a gift from God meant to be enjoyed; and these Together Nights are created for you and your spouse to enjoy together. Are you up for a dance lesson, coffee, a game, or a few extra tools to help you thrive? Each Together Night will have a variety of breakouts for you to choose from.

Kids Ministry is available for this gathering. Kids Registration: Posted on Jan 10.

Upcoming Dates: Feb 14, Mar 14, Apr 11, May 9, Aug 8, Sept 12, Oct 10, Nov 14


Discipleship Courses

This Spring, join us for an 8-week course offering practical tools to mature in loving others well.

Upcoming Dates: Mar 7 - May 16                                                                                  Cost: $20 per person for materials

Marriage Small Groups

Are you looking for a community to plug into with your spouse? Check the list of Marriage Small Groups hosted each week. 

Prepare/Enrich Training & Counseling

Prepare-Enrich has become the global standard for counseling couples. Their online assessment customizes to each couple’s relationship status, faith, military involvement, family of origin, and much more. New Life pastors use Prepare-Enrich to take the pulse of the relationship of the couple they are meeting with. In addition to using Prepare-Enrich with New Life couples, New Life Church hosts two trainings yearly for local pastors, counselors, and leaders who want to be equipped to be a Prepare-Enrich facilitator for couples in their circles of influence. 

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