In order to facilitate our weekly worship services, all New Life Church Ministries, beyond these weekly worship services, will continue to meet online or outside for the foreseeable future. If you have any questions please email the ministry leader or info@newlifechurch.org.


New Life Church’s ministry to women provides a rich opportunity for connection, engagement and spiritual growth.  We believe women are called, anointed and gifted to lead through strength and calling from the Lord.  At our gatherings, whether small or large, we are intentional to build relationships and truly know each other through the community we are passionate to create.

The Table

On Wednesday, January 26th our official fall semester begins with a brand new name and series, The Table. Every week you will hear from several pastors, leaders, authors, and entrepreneurs who call New Life Church home where you will be challenged through Biblical community, conversation and collaboration.  There will be an opportunity for every woman to be part of a "table community" of their very own where they will worship connect and serve in smaller groups led by a small group leader throughout the semester. We hope to have more information available for you soon regarding location and children’s ministry options!

When: Wednesdays starting on Jan. 26 at 6:30pm
Where: The Living Room at New Life North

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