New Life Church recognizes the special calling on the members of our Armed Services and their families. We hope that New Life Church can be the "home church" for its military members and families. Our mission is to help them connect with our church body, and to help them grow spiritually so they are prepared for the unique challenges of military life. If you are serving in our military, or have served in the military at any time and in any capacity, we invite you to join us at New Life Church.

Military Prayer Time

Military Prayer Time is a time to gather and cover our military in prayer. We meet every Sunday at 10:30am in the World Prayer Center (Room 106) at New Life North.

Faith in Leadership Conference

New Life Church has a heart for those who serve in our nation’s armed forces. We want to encourage our military members to live out their faith in their roles as leaders. In this Friday Evening – Saturday conference, prepared and presented by members of the New Life Military Ministry, we will study the role of our Christian identity as leaders, offer a simple framework for effective leadership and take part in guided discussions on how leaders can honor the military profession through faithful service. Each attendee will receive a workbook and several valuable leadership books.                                                                              When: Friday, October 28 (6:00 - 9:00 PM) – Saturday, October 29 (8:00 AM – 4:30 PM)                                                                                                                              Who: Active Duty Military / National Guard / Reserves / Cadets                    Where: New Life Church – World Prayer Center                                                       Cost: $10

Attendance is limited so register now!


REBOOT Combat/First Responder Recovery is a 12-week faith-based combat/service trauma healing course designed to address the spiritual wounds of war and critical incident stress. The course helps service members, first responders, and their families rebuild character, community & leadership

Armor of God

Armor of God is a ministry for military members who are preparing for deployment, in need of spouse support during deployment, and/or in need of post-deployment reintegration. 

Faith in Leadership Conference

This two-day conference will focus on who we are in Christ, the Lead - Develop - Care leadership model, and how faith influences our leadership and how leadership influences our faith.